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I love how creative people are and being chosen to make those ideas come to life is an honor. However, I am one person, and my hands don't move as quickly as my mind.

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About SimplyMel.Art

My name is Melody. I am a 23 year old Atlanta native who works in film. If you can't tell from many of the prints, I am a Pisces. I started this website and small business, because of my love of art and wanting to share it with the world. I am also a big fan of music which is what I incorporated into my logo.

I wanted to break the mold and have a website that didn't feel like it was constructed by robots. This is a small business after all and art is my love language. I encourage my customers to share their prints and apparel with my social media so I can be nosey help the other nosies see what they're missing.

Most importantly, I want to share positivity, love, my love for spirituality, and also make money while doing it. If anything Mr.Krabs has taught me, it's that nothing is free. This includes my love. Money is also a love language.

Thank you for your support! Even if you are just looking, Internet windows last a VERY long time. ;) Come back soon and bring friends!